"And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!”


And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”

- Iain Thomas

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The New Unlearning SuperMom

February 17, 2017



When I did my intention setting for this year, one of the thoughts I couldn’t shake was that I didn’t want to do this alone anymore.  Running Unlearning SuperMom by myself can be really lonely - there’s no one to share the highs or lows with.  Of course I have Chris, and an incredibly supportive group of family and friends, but it’s not the same.  It’s hard to empathize with the feeling of being deeply misunderstood, or of having someone write wonderful heartfelt things on something you’ve created, until you’ve gone through it yourself.  


So I decided to open myself up to the idea of bringing on a partner.  And like it always does, as soon as I invited it, the universe came in to meet me.  


I met Rachel Butler years ago at a CTI coaching course.  On the first day of the weekend we worked together on distilling our values.  I remember feeling very intimidated by her because she is such an incredible coach, and at the same time feeling completely comfortable with her because she is so kind.


We became Facebook friends after that and I've casually followed her life since then, watching the updates, liking pictures, commenting on things when I’ve felt compelled.  But we haven't spoken in person since that weekend course.


When the thought first entered my mind that she may be the person to partner with, I dug in a bit more (aka internet stalking…).  I knew Rachel and I had similar backgrounds but I didn't know what a total badass she is!!!  Rachel has a Masters in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Development.  She's a Professional Co-Active Coach, a trained Executive Coach through Saybrook University, and holds a B.Sc. in Nutrition.  She's worked with over 325 organizations in the Pacific Northwest including not-for-profit, small business, hospitality, and technology.


She is crazy smart, funny, and her teeth are disarmingly perfect.


As you can imagine, when I decided to message Rachel and ask her to partner with me on USM, it literally felt like I was asking the cool girl on the playground to be my friend.  I tried writing something very eloquent and clever, but it turned out just being a messy, stream-of-consciousness message and before I could edit it, my finger hit send.  I blame the sleep deprivation.


And she said "Hell yes!"  Turns out, most of the time when you think someone is incredible they think you're incredible right back.  We really are mirrors for each other.



And all of a sudden there is new life at USM.  What was once my own little creative project with a big mission is now a partnership.  We've created a completely new website.  We've defined what USM is all about.  We've been brainstorming all kinds of ideas of what to offer next, and we've been having a shit ton of fun doing it.


Most importantly, we've opened up our doors for personal coaching services. This is what I’m most excited about.  It's been great to take a break from coaching to make a human (especially one as cute as this!), but I'm thrilled to get back into it.  I love coaching, I love working one-on-one with moms who want to make changes in their life, and I am damn good at it.  And Rachel?  Well, she'll blow your mind. (no pressure Rachel ;) )



Now, let me wrap up this very formal announcement-type blog post with a few important things.


1) Stay with us.  Trust me, you'll want to see what we're up to.  Subscribe to USM in the "Join Us!" box at the bottom of this page, or like the USM Facebook page.  Those are the best ways to get new content and info as it comes out.


2) Fuck doing it alone.  This is in the same ballpark as not asking for help with anything you’ve got going on in your life.  Having someone join you not only takes a load off of you, but you get to bring in all of their energy as well.  Rachel and I have accomplished more in the past month getting ready for this launch than I could have possibly done on my own.  


3) Here's to taking risks.  It was scary as hell sending Rachel the message asking her to join, and I am so glad I did it.  


4) Despite the incredible resume above, please know that Rachel is a regular mom, just like you and me.  Case and point, I give you the following Facebook conversation from late last year:


Gillian:  I only have 4 pairs of underwear I wear on a regular basis. I do laundry so often this isn't a problem, until it's time to go on a trip and then I have to call in the ringers: Oversized Beigey, Navy Muffintopper, and Super Sexy (Totally Impractical) Lacey Purple.


Rachel:  haha why do we do this to ourselves? I find the same thing and I have a thing about spending money on underwear. Then I'm like "WHY DON'T I JUST BUY MYSELF A COUPLE MORE PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR?!" And socks.


Gillian:  Matching socks are a luxury.


Rachel:  That brings up the question: are there women who actually wear matching bra and underwear sets? I will know I've made it if I ever have matching bra/pantie sets


Gillian:  If my comfy, stretched out nursing bra is the same color as my comfy, stretched out underwear, does that count as matching? If so, I have toooootally made it.




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