"And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!”


And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”

- Iain Thomas

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Unlearning SuperMom

Ready to hang up your cape?

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Every morning, women around the world

put on their SuperMom capes.

They leap into action - taking care of the kids, building their careers, running the house,

volunteering, listening, helping, serving..... on and on and on.

Doing it all and making it look easy.

But inside, we've lost ourselves.  We are busy, stressed out, sick and overwhelmed like never before.

Unlearning SuperMom is the journey of hanging up our capes

and focusing on our Selves.

It's about making choices instead of living on auto-pilot.

It's about saying no and making ourselves a priority.

It's the moment to moment choice to live intentionally.

Welcome!  We're so glad you're here.

November 4, 2017

For as long as I can remember I’ve understood that we don’t give money to homeless people because they’re just going to use it to buy drugs.  So when I would be approached on the street, I would turn away and keep walking.

I’ve only just realized this is bullshit.  So much of this perspective is bullshit actually, but I’m just going to focus on one piece.

So what if they use the money to buy drugs?!!  I don’t follow-up with my friend to make sure she’s using that ugly purse I gave her for her birthday 4 years ago.

It doesn’t matter what they do with it, my job in this is...

October 5, 2017

Buying a house, how many activities to put the kids' in, and what to do for the next birthday party/holiday.

Those three.  Almost like clockwork, we have the same conversations multiple times a year.  And while the topic changes, at the core it's actually just one conversation.

The world says we should do <insert thing>.  We feel compelled to do said thing, but as soon as we sit down and talk it out we realize it's not the right fit for us.  

And even after all of the times we’ve had these conversations, we still come back to them.  And we probably always will....

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